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Definition of assessment and testing.

Assessment is a process of collecting and evaluating information or evidence about someone or something to make a judgment or a decision. It is a broad term that includes various methods of gathering information, such as observation, testing, interviewing, and performance tasks. The purpose of assessment is to measure knowledge, skills, abilities, or other qualities that are relevant to a particular context or goal.

Assessment is an ongoing process that covers a much wider domain (Brown, 2004). Assessment is part of the process of assessing individuals or situations that can reflect the success or failure of achieving a goal. Through the assessment process, you can measure the skills, insights, talents, and even fitness of an individual or other classification. According to Brown & Abeywickrama (2010), formal and informal tests, formative and summative are part of the assessment form. Thus, it can be concluded that assessment is the right term for assessing student learning processes. 

On the other hand, testing is a specific type of assessment that involves measuring someone's performance or knowledge by administering a standardized set of questions or tasks. Testing usually has a right or wrong answer, and the results are used to determine a score or grade. While assessment is a more comprehensive process that involves multiple methods, testing is a more focused and objective way of evaluating specific knowledge or skills. 

A test is an assessment tool in written form for students to record or observe student achievement in line with the assessment target (Jacobs & Chase, 1992). Simply put, a test is a method to measure a person's ability, knowledge, or achievement in a particular field. So, the test is a method. A test is a tool, a set of techniques, procedures, or items used to measure students' abilities or learning outcomes. Tests are used to test a person's knowledge of something to determine what he or she knows or has learned. Testing measures the level of skill or knowledge that has been achieved. And we can conclude that the test is one of the assessments used by teachers to try to create opportunities for students to show their achievements in relation to the goals that have been determined. Examples such as multiple-choice tests, and essay tests.

In summary, assessment is a broader term that includes various methods of gathering information, while testing is a specific type of assessment that measures performance or knowledge using a standardized set of questions or tasks.