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Learning Guide Unit 8

Learning Guide Unit 8


Unit 8: Dubliners and Finishing Strong


  • James Joyce’s Dubliners
  • What did we learn?

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this Unit, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze a story.
  2. Perform a self-assessment.
  3. Engage your fellow students in a discussion about literature.


  • Peer assess Unit 7 Written Assignment
  • Read the Learning Guide and Reading Assignments
  • Participate in the Discussion Assignment (post, comment, and rate in the Discussion Forum)
  • Make entries to the Learning Journal
  • Read the Unit 9 Learning Guide carefully for instructions on the Final Exam
  • Review the Final Exam Review document in Unit 9
  • Complete and submit the anonymous Course Evaluation


In this unit, you will pick a story from James Joyce’s Dubliners collection and discuss it with the class.  Your Learning Journal will focus on a self-assessment that reflects about your learning experiences in this course from day one to today.

Discussion Forum Unit 8

You are required to submit a substantial response to the Discussion Assignment, which will be posted by your instructor in the Discussion Forum below. A substantial response is one that stays on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. If your instructor requires a specific word count, it will be stated in the assignment.

After you respond to the assignment, you are then required to both give a rating and also leave a significant comment (3-4 complete sentences) to at least three (3) of your peers' responses, in order to receive full credit. Rate only the substantial responses that contribute to the promotion of the discussion, and not the comments of your peers.

Please review and follow the guidelines below for assessing your peer's responses to the Discussion Assignment.

Discussion Forum Rating Guidelines:
10 (A) - Excellent, substantial, relevant, insightful, enriching, and stimulating contribution to the discussion. Also, uses external resources to support position where required and/or applicable.
8 - 9 (B) - Good, quite substantial and insightful, but missing minor details which would have otherwise characterized it as an excellent response.
6 - 7 (C) - Satisfactory insight and relevance, but required some more information and effort to have warranted a better rating.
4 - 5 (D) - Limited insight and relevance of the material; more effort and reflection needed to have warranted a satisfactory grading.
0 - 3 (F) - Unsatisfactory insight/relevance or failure to answer the question, reflecting a poor or limited understanding of the subject matter and/or the guidelines of the question.

If at any time you suspect that a post in this Discussion Forum violates UoPeople's rules regarding plagiarism and/or any aspect of UoPeople’s Academic Code of Conduct, please notify your instructor immediately.

Remember that your instructor will be reviewing responses, ratings, and comments - and will adjust ratings if he/she believes that they do not seem warranted or supportable.

Discussion Assignment

For this Discussion Assignment, you will choose one of James Joyce’s short stories from the link provided in the Unit 8 Reading Assignment and briefly summarize the story for the class. Include with your summary two or three sentences about which story you read and why you either liked or disliked it.

You are also responsible for replying with three or four sentences to three different students and rating their main posts from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) in the Rate box provided.

Learning Journal

For this Unit's Learning Journal, you will write a three or four sentence self-assessment that reflects on your journey in this course from day one to today. What did you learn? What would you change? What did you really like? How will you apply this to your life and your community?


I have learned a lot of valuable knowledge from the ENG101 course that I have acquired through the University of The People. I started to know about taking notes and sentence structures, then Pre-Writing Structures, and Paragraph Structures, and was taught about Descriptive and Illustrated Paragraphs, and the most challenging part was summarizing stories. Next, we were given material about Thesis Creation, Topic Sentences, and APA Citation. And continued by making 5 paragraph essays. We also learned about abstracts with critical reading, how to use the UoPeople Library and add sources to my essays, and then revising the essays that we had made. In essence, we learn from many mistakes and ignorance, we are always directed and guided by good instructors. Our instructors always motivate us, and that's what I really like. And finally, we get a lot of useful knowledge for the next learning during lectures here.