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Learning Guide Unit 7

Learning Guide Unit 7


Unit 7: Putting it All Together


  • Revising the 5 paragraph essay with citations
  • Why Fiction is important to learning

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this Unit, you will be able to:

  1. Synthesize ideas from fiction.
  2. Analyze a non-fiction article.
  3. Demonstrate mastery over citation and reference work in the APA style for your own 5 paragraph essay.


  • Read the Learning Guide and Reading Assignments
  • Participate in the Discussion Assignment (post, comment, and rate in the Discussion Forum)
  • Complete and submit the Written Assignment
  • Make entries to the Learning Journal
  • Take the Self-Quiz


This unit will focus on adding researched material to your 5 paragraph essay. It will also include a reading from Neil Gaiman about the importance of fiction for you to discuss in the Discussion Forum. Your Learning Journal assignment is to hand in a revised copy of your 5 paragraph paper that includes properly cited and referenced sources. You should have your sources ready from prior work. This will be assessed by your instructor only.  The Written Assignment for this week will focus on what story was your favorite story and why.

Your last Self-Quiz will focus on Unit 7.

Discussion Forum Unit 7

You are required to submit a substantial response to the Discussion Assignment, which will be posted by your instructor in the Discussion Forum below. A substantial response is one that stays on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. If your instructor requires a specific word count, it will be stated in the assignment.

After you respond to the assignment, you are then required to both give a rating and also leave a significant comment (3-4 complete sentences) to at least three (3) of your peers' responses, in order to receive full credit. Rate only the substantial responses that contribute to the promotion of the discussion, and not the comments of your peers.

Please review and follow the guidelines below for assessing your peer's responses to the Discussion Assignment.

Discussion Forum Rating Guidelines:
10 (A) - Excellent, substantial, relevant, insightful, enriching, and stimulating contribution to the discussion. Also, uses external resources to support position where required and/or applicable.
8 - 9 (B) - Good, quite substantial and insightful, but missing minor details which would have otherwise characterized it as an excellent response.
6 - 7 (C) - Satisfactory insight and relevance, but required some more information and effort to have warranted a better rating.
4 - 5 (D) - Limited insight and relevance of the material; more effort and reflection needed to have warranted a satisfactory grading.
0 - 3 (F) - Unsatisfactory insight/relevance or failure to answer the question, reflecting a poor or limited understanding of the subject matter and/or the guidelines of the question.

If at any time you suspect that a post in this Discussion Forum violates UoPeople's rules regarding plagiarism and/or any aspect of UoPeople’s Academic Code of Conduct, please notify your instructor immediately.

Remember that your instructor will be reviewing responses, ratings, and comments - and will adjust ratings if he/she believes that they do not seem warranted or supportable.

Discussion Assignment

For your Discussion Assignment, you will discuss (in at least 3-4 sentences) your reaction to the Neil Gaiman article about the use of fiction. If you do cite from the article, please remember full APA In-Text Citations and a Reference is required.

You are also responsible for replying with three or four sentences to 3 different students and rating their main posts from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) in the Rate box provided.

Written Assignment

For this Unit's Written Assignment, you will write a full paragraph about what your favorite story all semester was and why.


  My Fathers Head

The best story I read is difficult to choose, but I prefer Oduor's ¨My father´s head¨, I currently live in the United States, I migrated from Ecuador two years ago, and I have been away from home during the pandemic that we are overcoming, I have lost loved ones from a distance, and many memories and feelings come to me, the way in which the time of mourning is recounted is so sublime and the respect for those who are not among us can be felt, I totally take a story with me always read again.


Oduor, O. (2014). My father's head. Africa, https://africanah.org/okwiri-oduor-wins-price-african-literature/

The Elephant Vanishes

My favorite story was "The Elephant Vanishes" by Haruki Murakami.

The Zoo has closed its doors and moved the old elephant, a padlock shackle on his leg, and finally, the animal vanished along with his friend-keeper. (Murakami, n.d.)

I liked it because it gives us a lesson: People will accept injustice that seems normal to them but will not get the unconventional explanation of how the elephant had disappeared with no clues. That also shows that sometimes in life, you need to keep things for yourself if your description lacks credibility.

The writer mentions this: "Even the most beautifully designed item dies if it is out of balance with its surroundings. Unity of design, unity of color, unity of function." (Murakami, n.d., para. 43)

Beautiful fiction story that lets you create your conclusion.


Murakami, H. (n.d.). The Elephant Vanishes. Skip's ESL bits - ESL English listening advanced - intermediate - songs - audiobooks. Retrieved August 1, 2022, from https://esl-bits.net/ESL.English.Listening.Short.Stories/The.Elephant.Vanishes/01/default.html

The Selfish Giant'

The story that touched me the most this semester is 'The Selfish Giant' by Oscar Wilde.
At first, I read it because the title was interesting, but after learning about the personification and hidden meaning of the story, I felt that the author was really great.

After the giant regretted what he had done, he turned his garden into a children's playground in this story
 (Wilde, n.d.).
Through this, It was impressive to see the boy who taught the giant a lesson in order to teach him the true meaning of love, and the way the giant shared love with the children in the garden as well.
I think humans cannot live without love. Reading this story made me think once more about the value of unconditional love.

Wilde, O. (n.d.).
 The Selfish Giant. Oscar Wilde Online. https://www.wilde-online.info/the-selfish-giant.html

Learning Journal

For this assignment, you will hand in to your instructor a fully revised five-paragraph essay that includes information properly cited and referenced from the three different sources you identified for Unit 6. Remember, most of the paper needs to be your own original work (the ice-cream) and the citations should be sparse (the sprinkles). You have worked almost all semester on this paper, so it should be the best copy you can make.

The paper will be assessed using the following criteria:

  1. Does the student have a thesis?
  2. Did the paper analyze and support the thesis?
  3. Is it an original work?
  4. Are there spelling or grammar issues?
  5. Does the paper flow well?


The Self-Quiz gives you an opportunity to self-assess your knowledge of what you have learned so far.

The results of the Self-Quiz do not count towards your final grade, but the quiz is an important part of the University’s learning process and it is expected that you will take it to ensure understanding of the materials presented. Reviewing and analyzing your results will help you perform better on future Graded Quizzes and the Final Exam.

The Self-Quiz will remain open until the end of the term and allow unlimited attempts.

Please access the Self-Quiz on the main course homepage; it will be listed inside the Unit.