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Learning Guide Unit 1 ENGL 0101

 Learning Guide Unit 1

Unit 1: Notes and Sentences


  • Note taking
  • Sentence structures

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this Unit, you will be able to:

  1. Choose the note-taking style that is most appropriate to you
  2. Write a polished sentence


  • Read the Learning Guide and Reading Assignments
  • Participate in the Discussion Assignment (post, comment, and rate in the Discussion Forum)
  • Complete and submit the Written Assignment
  • Make entries to the Learning Journal
  • Take the Self-Quiz


This unit will focus on the basic structures of the sentence and how to effectively take notes for your college courses. We will start with a small introduction in the Discussion  Forum and then you will have a short Written Assignment. Finally, your Learning Journal this week will be an open self-assessment or notes to your teacher about the course.

Although not required, it is strongly suggested to take the Self-Quiz as they will prove useful study guides for the Graded Quizzes later in the unit.

Discussion Assignment

This is the first week of your English Composition 1 course. For your Discussion Assignment in Unit 1, please answer the following question within 70-100 words. Why is improving your English and learning to use Academic English so important to you? Please only use your own words when responding to this question, as you are sharing your personal views with your peers. 

Apply the 3C & Q (compliment, comment, connect method, and question) to your response to three of your peers' posts. You do not have to use all four methods in one response. Choose only one or two. Below are examples of how to begin your response.


  • I really liked how you... 
  • I really liked what you...
  • I really liked it when you...


  • I agree (or disagree) with you about X because...
  • Next time consider including...


  • I can connect with your (idea, point, anxiety, goal, etc) about X because...


  • What did you mean by . . .? 
  • Where did you learn about . . .? 
  • What made you choose. . .? 
  • How did you find information about . . .? 
  • Who helped you with. . .? 

Stewart-Mitchell, J. (n.d.). Making quality comments following the "3C&Q" Model [Handout]. In M. Alsobrook (Ed.), FAS 802: GE and Assessment of SLO – AY2022-T3. University of the People.

Discussion Forum Unit 1

You are required to submit a substantial response to the Discussion Assignment, which will be posted by your instructor in the Discussion Forum below. A substantial response is one that stays on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. If your instructor requires a specific word count, it will be stated in the assignment.

After you respond to the assignment, you are then required to both give a rating and also leave a significant comment (3-4 complete sentences) to at least three (3) of your peers' responses, in order to receive full credit. Rate only the substantial responses that contribute to the promotion of the discussion, and not the comments of your peers.

Please review and follow the guidelines below for assessing your peer's responses to the Discussion Assignment.

Discussion Forum Rating Guidelines:
10 (A) - Excellent, substantial, relevant, insightful, enriching, and stimulating contribution to the discussion. Also, uses external resources to support position where required and/or applicable.
8 - 9 (B) - Good, quite substantial and insightful, but missing minor details which would have otherwise characterized it as an excellent response.
6 - 7 (C) - Satisfactory insight and relevance, but required some more information and effort to have warranted a better rating.
4 - 5 (D) - Limited insight and relevance of the material; more effort and reflection needed to have warranted a satisfactory grading.
0 - 3 (F) - Unsatisfactory insight/relevance or failure to answer the question, reflecting a poor or limited understanding of the subject matter and/or the guidelines of the question.

If at any time you suspect that a post in this Discussion Forum violates UoPeople's rules regarding plagiarism and/or any aspect of UoPeople’s Academic Code of Conduct, please notify your instructor immediately.

Remember that your instructor will be reviewing responses, ratings, and comments - and will adjust ratings if he/she believes that they do not seem warranted or supportable.

Written Assignment Unit 1

Why do you want to go to college? This is the main question for your Written Assignment. You will write one paragraph (three or four sentences) on this topic.

This Written Assignment will be peer assessed (next week), based upon the following criteria. Please note, in your other courses, you will likely not be provided with Assessment Form criteria before and during assignment submission periods.

  1. Did the student answer the question? Please provide one or two sentences on why you think the student did or did not answer the question. Is it a full (three or four sentence) paragraph?

  2. Is what the student submitted a full (three or four sentence) paragraph? Are there spelling or grammar issues?

  3. Is this a mostly original work or did the student use cited source material? Note—if the student used un-cited source material (as per APA style rules) then this is plagiarism.

  4. Are there spelling or grammar issues? If the student has more than two errors, please point out what a few of the more common errors are and how to fix them.

  5. Is the paragraph a coherent structure that flows well? Please provide one or two sentences on why you think the student's paragraph is or is not a coherent structure.

Why I want to go to College

submitted on Sunday, 19 June 2022, 7:34 PM


I want to attend college to pursue a personal goal of studying Education in Teaching and obtaining a Master's degree from a reputable American University, as it is The University of the People.

I also want to refresh my brain daily by learning and interacting with professors and classmates.

Finally, to be trained to help children and young adults in my community be better students and help them become good citizens of the world.

Written Assignment Unit 1

submitted on Friday, 17 June 2022, 10:44 AM

The combination of experience and science always brings a magical output. I am also looking for this achievement and promotion. I am currently working as a sales manager, and I am gaining daily experience. Now I want to develop my knowledge in this profession. In my opinion, this is possible only by going to university.

The importance of college

submitted on Tuesday, 21 June 2022, 11:25 PM

For me, the college is important because it will allow me to advance in my professional career, and incorporate new knowledge and practices into my daily work. Not only is the academic part important, but it will also allow me to meet more people and thus expand my network of contacts in addition to giving me additional knowledge that will allow me to grow as a person.

In summary the college don´t only make grove you knowledge, grow you as a a person.

Why do you want to go to college?

University or college is one of the places to forge science and knowledge. I can gain insight and knowledge according to my interests and desires in a particular study program. As we know that education is a very basic and important thing in our life. Getting an education is very easy as long as we have a strong desire to learn. I feel that I have low ability, especially in English. But I don't want to just give up. Finally, I found UoPeople and can learn a lot here. My dream is to become a student at one of the universities in America. UoPeople is my dream right now. I wish you success and finish the studies here. From several universities in my country, it is not as easy as getting into Uopeople. I am interested in studying here. So, studying at UoPeople is my current choice. Thank you UoPeople.

Learning Journal Unit 1

For this Unit's Learning Journal, you will write a small two or three sentence paragraph on your expectations for this course.  If you are stuck on what to say, just ask yourself the question, ‘What would I teach in this course if I were instructor?’

The Learning Journal is seen only by the instructor and will never be peer reviewed by the other students. This space is where you can write directly and fulfill the assignments given for the Learning Journal each week.


I really appreciate Uopeople, because this university wants to receive my application. I expect to be able to develop English skills namely reading, writing, and grammar as the basic skill to study at Uopeople by following this course. I expect to improve my knowledge of the English Language with the guidance of an instructor. I really hope for direction and guidance from the instructor, if I make a mistake please correct it, and if I am weak in the understanding of the learning activity please be motivated. Therefore, I hope to realize my dream as a successful student at Uopeople.